BidiChecker does not appear to be correctly installed at this location! The bookmarklet links on this page have been disabled.

For this bookmarklet installation page to work, it must be installed on a web server and accessed via http: or https:.

It must be installed along with the complete BidiChecker deployment directory. That's the lib/ subdirectory in the source tree.

BidiChecker Bookmarklet Installation Page

What is a BidiChecker Bookmarklet?

A "BidiChecker Bookmarklet" is a button you can add to your web browser that will run BidiChecker on any web page, displaying any bidi errors in an interactive window.

How do I install one?

Just drag one or both of the links below to your browser's Bookmarks toolbar. This will create a button on the Bookmarks toolbar. You can then click the button to run BidiChecker on the current page for ad hoc spot-checking. (You may first have to make the Bookmarks toolbar visible in your browser; each browser has a command or menu option to do this.)

BidiChecker LTR BidiChecker RTL
This bookmarklet checks that the page being checked has an overall directionality of left-to-right (for example, an English UI) This bookmarklet checks that the page being checked has an overall directionality of right-to-left (for example, a Hebrew or Arabic UI)

How do I use it?

To run BidiChecker, just navigate your browser to the page you want to test, interact with the page to get it into the state you want to test, and click on one of the BidiChecker bookmarklets in your browser's bookmarks toolbar. A window will appear with the results of the run. You can browse through the errors, change the table sort key, and select an individual error to highlight its location on the page.

Click "Show options" to change the checker options; from that page, you can also install a new bookmarklet that starts with the set of options you configure.

Known limitations

The bookmarklet works on most recent browsers. Internet Explorer 9 and up is supported but not older versions.


We'd like to thank developer/blogger Chris Adams for demonstrating the BidiChecker bookmarklet concept. His original source code can be found here on GitHub.

The bookmarklet links we offer here differ somewhat from Chris's implementation, but the basic concept is the same.